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The general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution

Islamic Revolution Leader Ablaghyh text on general policies of Article 44 of the constitution notification: 01/03/1384) general policies of Article 44 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be notified in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 110 is necessary to remind some points in this regard:

1 implementation of the new legislation and policies requires some changes in the existing laws, it is necessary to work together in the field of government and parliament.

2. The supervision of expediency over good fulfilling all necessary measures and cooperate bodies responsible for monitoring and reporting each year is highlighted in a given time.

Transfer of Article 44 and enterprises of each of the activities of non-governmental, non-governmental sectors and warranties of fitness and how to apply the rule, the decision will be. God willing.

The general policies of Article 44 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

According to Article 44 of the constitution and the provisions of Article 43 and to

Accelerating the growth of the national economy,

The development of public property in order to ensure social justice,

Enhance the efficiency and productivity of human and material resources and technology enterprises,

Increase the competitiveness of the national economy,

Increasing the share of private and cooperative sectors in the national economy,

Reduce the financial and administrative burden of the economic activity in the enterprise,

The general level of employment,

Encouraging people to save and invest and improve household income groups.

Is required:

A) text Ablaghyh the general policies of non-state sector and prevent enlargement of the public sector

1. State the right to new economic activities outside the scope of Article 44 does not have any active duty (including a continuation of previous activities and take advantage of it) is not the subject of Article 44, up to the end of the Fourth Five Year Plan (annual 20 percent ) in the public and private sectors and non-governmental cooperative transfer.

Armed security confidential character, not be subject to this provision.

2 investment, ownership and management in the areas mentioned in Article 44, the following constitution by non-state enterprises and public institutions and private and cooperative sectors are permitted:

2 1 large industries, mother industries (including major industries downstream oil and gas) and large mines (excluding oil and gas (

2 2 Foreign trade activities within the framework of trade and currency policies.

2 3 banks and public institutions, private and public limited companies, cooperatives and public companies are subject to a maximum shareholding of each shareholder by law.

2 4 insurance.

2 5 Staffing, including the production and import of electricity for domestic consumption and export.

2 6 All of Post and Telecommunications with the exception of telecommunication networks, assigning of frequencies and analyze the major networks and exchanges and manages the distribution of basic postal services.

2 7 road and rail.

2 8 Aviation (Aviation) and shipping (shipping. (

The optimum share of public sector and non-governmental activities in Article 44, according to the sovereignty and independence of the country and social justice and economic growth and development, determined by law.

B) The text of the general policies of the cooperative sector Ablaghyh

1 increasing the share of the cooperative sector in the economy to 25% by the end of the fifth Pnjsalh.

2. Effective measures by government to establish cooperatives to employment for the unemployed.

3. Government support for the establishment and development of cooperatives through methods such as tax rebates, concessional credit facilities provided by all financial institutions and to avoid getting any additional government of the cooperatives to the private sector.

4 decontrol of the economy, including banking and insurance cooperatives in all fields.

5 Formation of Cooperative Development Bank by the government for the purpose of enhancing the contribution of the cooperative sector in the national economy.

6 state-sponsored cooperatives to market access and fair final and comprehensive information in this section.

7 Exercise of the sovereignty of the government in terms of policy-making and monitoring the implementation of laws and avoiding interference in the administration and management of the cooperatives.

8 Technical and professional education development and other support in order to enhance the effectiveness of empowerment of cooperatives

sets provided.

10 Government support for cooperatives in proportion to the number of members.

11 to establish a comprehensive national cooperatives to cover the top third of society to poverty alleviation.

C) The text Ablaghyh the general policies of the non-state sector development through the transfer of activities and public companies dated 12.4.1385 to the heads of the three branches of government and the head of the Expediency Council has been notified.

Name of God

Considering the necessity of accelerating economic growth and development based on social justice and poverty alleviation in the context of the country's 20-year perspective

* The role of government from direct ownership and management firm policy guidance and oversight

* Empowering the private and cooperative sectors in the economy and support its products to compete in international markets

* Preparation of national institutions to deal intelligently with global trade rules in a gradual process and targeted

* Development of human capital and basic and specialized knowledge

• Develop and promote national standards and conformity assessment system with international standards of quality

* In order to increase efficiency and competitiveness of the private and public ownership, and therefore proposed the Expediency Council, paragraph (c) general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 110 is notified.

80% of the shares subject to the divestiture of public enterprises to the private sector Article 44 cooperatives of public and non-governmental agencies are permitted as follows:

1 large state enterprises in the fields of mining, large-scale and mother industries (including downstream oil and gas industries) are active with the exception of National Iranian Oil Company and oil and gas extraction and production companies

2 state banks with the exception of the Central Bank of Iran, Bank Melli Iran, Bank Sepah, Bank of Industry and Mining, Agricultural Bank, Bank of Housing and Export Development Bank

3 private insurance companies and insurance with the exception of the Central Insurance of Iran

4 airlines and shipping except Civil Aviation Organization and the Organization of Ports and Shipping

5 Staffing agencies, with the exception of transmission networks

6. postal and telecommunications firms with the exception of telecommunication networks, assigning of frequencies and networks, exchanges of data and distribution of basic postal services

7 industries related to the armed forces, except for defense and security products essential to recognize the commander in chief

* Transfer requirements:

A) valuation by the stock market is doing

B) public appeal for information to encourage public participation and prevention of monopoly rents occur information.

C) to ensure appropriate return on the necessary reforms of the market shares divested companies, product pricing and management is done on the basis of the Commercial Code.

D) shares in the project company specialized holding companies and subsidiaries with comprehensive expertise carried out.

E) in order to improve management and increase the productivity of businesses divested by the administrative capacities of the country, take the necessary measures to attract qualified managers, professional and efficient.

Sale of a maximum of 5% of the shares of the companies covered by paragraph "c" to managers and employees of companies is permissible.

F) According to the notification, paragraph "c" general policies of Article 44 and the duties of sovereignty, the government has a new role in policy guidance and oversight of the national economy is developed and implemented.

A) the allocation of a percentage of the transfer of resources to new areas of technology for governmental functions is not allowed.

Seyed Ali Khamenei

D) transfer of general policies

1 submission requirements:

1 1 empowering the private and cooperative sectors to engage in extensive activities and manage large businesses.

1 2 monitor and support the authorities after transfer to transfer objectives.

1 3 using a valid and healthy with an emphasis on stock transfer, assignment strengthen the organization, establish transparent flow of information, creating equal opportunities for all, using gradual Azrzh stock companies in exchange for access to the base price of the shares.

1 to 4 are not interested stakeholders and decision-makers to pass on government assignments.

1 5 comply with the general policies of the cooperative sector in assignments.

2 uses the proceeds from the assignment:

The proceeds of the special account at the Treasury shares of state enterprises in the form of programs and budgets adopted by the national bank and used as follows:

2 1 poor and disadvantaged families self-reliant create and strengthen social security.

2 2 accounted for 30% of the proceeds from the divestiture of a comprehensive national cooperatives to poverty alleviation.

2 3 priority areas of less developed economic infrastructure.

2 4 facilities (managed funds) to strengthen cooperatives and non-state enterprises modernization and improvement of priority sections of non-state enterprises, privatization and investment in the development of less developed areas.

2 5 participation of non-state-owned enterprises with up to 49% for the less developed areas of economic development.

2 6 completed projects Nymhtmam public companies in compliance with Section "A" of this policy.

E) general policies of the exercise of sovereignty and to avoid monopolies.

2. To prevent the infiltration of foreign Sytrh the national economy.

3 to prevent the creation of monopolies by non-state enterprises through the regulation of laws and regulations.
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