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Do you think the impact of the new service fund in the form of "cooperative guarantee transactions," which is about the most?

Financial support to cooperatives
Increasing competitiveness of cooperatives
Open market cooperatives

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Guarantee tender / auction, the commitment to fund the request of the participants in the tender / auction for the benefit of beneficiaries is issued. The short won the obligations in terms of the tender / bid has been mentioned and he has claimed, the amount specified in the guarantee, the interest paid

Necessary documents

·        Application for the issuance of guaranty letter by the applicant plus the minutes of the board of directors of the company on agreement with receiving the guaranty letter (to receive form I )

·        Written announcement of the beneficiary on accepting the guaranty letters issued by the Fund.

·        Copy of the article of association of company.

·        Official gazette of the company containing establishment license, registry of last changes including  managers’ name, legal signatures, amount of capital, object of activities and residence place

·        Copy of the notice of changes registered in the relevant registration department on addressing the changes stipulated in line 4 (if the entire changes are not printed in the official gazette).

·        Copy of the national ID. card and birth certificate (Shenasname) of managers and legal signatories plus their full particulars and addresses

·        Balance sheet and profit/loss statement of the last fiscal period which have been  approved by the general meeting and presenting the trial balance sheet of the last month prior to lodging application, bearing the confirmation of authorized signatories and the legal inspector(s) of the company

·        Presenting the last statements of accounts of the company in banks

·        Copy of title deed or valid lease contract of project execution site or the business place in applicant’s name

·        Remittance of half per thousand amount of the guaranty letter requested to the financial affairs accounts (no refund) as the expertise costs and presenting its  receipt to verification office and issuance of guaranty letter office

·        Completion of the  guaranty letter issuance application letter (to receive form number 2 

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