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جمعه, 7 آذر 1399
Investment Guarantee Fund Co-sponsor the development of cooperation
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Do you think the impact of the new service fund in the form of "cooperative guarantee transactions," which is about the most?

Financial support to cooperatives
Increasing competitiveness of cooperatives
Open market cooperatives

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Necessary documents


·        Copy of the resolutions adopted by banks and credit institutes or the form completed by credit approver (to receive form 3, ·        Copy of activities permits including principal agreement or declaration (establishment license, establishment permit, construction permit, utilization permit, health permits, standard certificates, commercial ID. Card, classification and ranking certificate, development license and/or other permits related to the type of activities in applicant’s name, based on his activities in any of the economic sectors, and the subject of application issued by the concerned officials.

·        The expertise report of the credit approved authority or the briefing plans or reports as approved by banks or credit institutes that approved the credit (market, technical and financials institutes for all types of establishing, completion  and development plans)

·        Presenting the copy of contract drafts or proforma invoices of the investment items sealed by the credit approving authorities (as per the case)

·        Presenting credit ranks of the applicant, its board of directors  or shareholders from Iranian credit ranking consultants at the discretion of board of directors

·        Other necessary documents as per the case

·        The obligation, liabilities and bad checks (if any) of the cooperative and managers to the banks and credit institutes

Rapport the banks and institutions
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