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شنبه, 8 آذر 1399
Investment Guarantee Fund Co-sponsor the development of cooperation
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Cooperative Investment Guarantee Fund

Secures cooperatives’ loans by collaterals

Deputy for Cooperative affairs of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare announced establishment of Cooperative Investment Guarantee Fund to Secure cooperatives’ loans by collaterals and to collaborate with Tose’eTa’avon Bank in developing productive and service projects.
CIGF’s public affair in Persian Gulf zone reported, during the Conference of Policies and Potentials of CIGF in post-sanction era, hold in Gheshm, Seyyed Hamid Kalantari added, “From now on, CIGF secures loans for cooperatives societies based on their types and conditions.
A letter of understanding has been signed by Tose’eTa’avon Bank and CIGF based on which this bank grants loans to the cooperatives of Qeshm equal to two times the CIGF’s deposit in the bank.”
He enumerated granting cheaper loans to the cooperatives as one of objectives of establishment of CIGF, “A total amount of 90 billion Rials has been paid to the cooperative societies as loans by CIGF, hoping the amount to be increased to 2000 billion Rials.”
Kalantari added that 25 thousand agricultural cooperatives and 50 thousand productive cooperatives work in Iran, “In post-sanction conditions, we are looking for attracting more investors to improve this field and the economic development of the country.”

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